Image Notify

Image Notify is widget for garmin device.

It can display android phone message in local language.

What's new!


Release 1.2.0 now!

Build on Connect IQ SDK 2.2.4.

Add new devices (fenix5x etc)

About Image Notify

Image Notify display android phone message in local language without local font.

Message convert to bitmap image  on android app.

Image Notify need android app "Image Notify Lite" or "Image Notify".


Android App

Setup android phone

  1. Install Android app(Image Notify Lite or Image Notify)   to android phone.
  2. Start Image Notify on your phone.
  3. Set permission "Notification access" to Image Notify

garmin setup

  1. Install Image Notify to garmin device.
  2. Push Menu, select widget menu and ImageNotify set to "Show".
  3. Back to watch screen.
  4. Connect with android phone by Bluetooth.
  5. Push Up button on Watch screen, Select ImageNotify.
  6. Push Enter button on ImageNotify, show next message. 


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